Doug Morneau

Chief Business Driver

Driven by its champion Doug Morneau, Steingate Advertising has a passion for exceptional innovative marketing for its international clientbase.

As someone with 29 years entrepreneurial experience, Doug has made his clients an estimated 100 million US dollars, and in doing so, he has also made millions for his company’s. As we all know, life is very rarely always sunshine and roses, in the process, he has made it big, lost it all, and started over a few times.

Doug is a passionate lifelong learner and expert marketer. His ability to quickly understand concepts, adapt to new technologies and new media make him a valuable contributor to any sales and marketing problem solving conversation or marketing strategy session.

He has been fortunate to work and test marketing methods, media, and systems will multi-million dollar budgets enable learning, testing, and validation at hyper speed with sufficient data that can be applied to any budget regardless of the size.

We are a Vancouver marketing agency serving a select group of clients throughout Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, nationally, and internationally.

Steingate can help you set goals, raise brand awareness, develop and socialize your business, and design and execute your branding and direct sales campaigns.

We plan, execute, iteratively analyze results, and make ongoing campaign recommendations.

Steingate has particular expertise in designing online promotional strategies, website development and optimization, and search engine marketing including SEO and PPC.


Vancouver Sales, Marketing, & Lead Generation are our fields of expertise. Our team has been serving the Vancouver market for over twenty years.

Social Marketing

The Vancouver Social Marketing scene, as in markets everywhere, has exploded in recent years.

Web Design

Vancouver’s Web Design market is hot and has been since the web was launched.

Search Engine

Search Engine Marketing and Web Analytics are core competencies of Steingate Advertising.


Vancouver SEO services are an in-house specialty of Steingate Advertising.

Email Marketing

Steingate Advertising has specific expertise in Email Marketing.

Steingate Advertising is proud to serve businesses operating within Vancouver’s dynamic, diverse, and growing business environment.

Vancouver and British Columbia’s Lower Mainland economic region with 2.65 million residents is Canada’s third most populous metropolitan market area. Vancouver is one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse cities attracting economy-stimulating immigration and growth from around the globe.

For the past several years, Vancouver has ranked extremely well in global “liveability” surveys performed by independent business-oriented media such as the BBC and the Economist magazine. Consistently cited are Canada’s economic and political stability.